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The Journey never ends

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CTV Live

Katrina and Michael Rosen join CTV Calgary for a live interview on the morning show. 

My husband was incredibly nervous about this interview. He actually asked to not be on it twenty minutes before it began! But check it out, Mike did amazing! I love learning even more about Mike as we make our way through the release of our book.

The Manitoban

With You By Bike can be read for its adventure and perseverance in exceptional circumstances, but also as a meditation on relationships, loneliness and forgiveness.

“It took actually a number of years to be brave enough to put the story out there,” said Rosen.

“But ultimately I think it’s really important to share some stories because we’re not the only ones that go through hardships and I know when you’re in it, it can feel very lonely.

Cottage Life Magazine

Here are my favourite sentences from this review. Truth Serum Injections? Love IT!

"It’s real, it’s human. It has the open-heart surgery rawness of This is Us. Was Rosen subjected to truth serum injections as she wrote her memoir?"

"With You By Bike is a scenic re-build of a relationship that will leave passport stamps all over your heart."

Passport Stamps on 💜‘s - This makes me so happy.

The Outlook

Rosen loves cycling so much that three generations of her family embarked on a cycle tour of Europe. Beginning in Amsterdam in early April – to enjoy the legendary Dutch tulip season – with her parents, Tony and Donna Teunis, her husband, Mike and their six-year-old son, Zion, she spent the next 110 days cycling 3,900 kilometres through 10 countries across Europe to Budapest, Hungary, finishing with a tour of Ireland.

Their adventure included 60 nights sleeping in tents, five flat tires, four broken spokes, two broken rims, one broken bottom bracket, 22 swimming pools, 30 parks, 140 baguettes and 66 ice creams – for Zion, of course.

Canadian Cycle Magazine

How exciting was it to find my Book, With You By Bike, as a favourite of Canadian Cycling Magazine! One of Nine Books for Recovery Days.

Check out these Fantastic page turners to help train, inspire and love cycling even more!

Video Interview

I was interviewed by Jennifer Cockton, owner of Online For Authors. We explore deeper into the story. Enjoy! 

Podcast Bikepack Canada

Radio Interview: Home Town Author - Winnipeg

Please enjoy this radio interview which took place just before my book tour debut in Manitoba.

CBC Calgary's Fundraiser for The Food Bank

We were invited to be interviewed as part of CBC's Fundraiser. This was for radio but my friend videod us. Our son crawls up into my lap as we continued with the interview. It was hilarious!