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With you
by Bike


One Couples Life-Changing Journey around the World

Author's Note

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In order to live an inspiring, bright life, one must chase after dreams. Wake up, shed fear, make space, do whatever needs to be done to push hard to get out of that comfort zone. It would have been much easier not to write this book. Never mind – it would’ve been so much simpler if I hadn’t lived this book! I could have hidden the first few chapters away, but then you wouldn’t have the full story. I decided to be brave and put myself out there. So, here’s my disclaimer:

"We all have our own paths. Our own journeys and dark nights. I don’t want to live with a pile of papers and regret never letting others read them, the same way I don’t want to live regretting the choices I made. This was very therapeutic to write, and I hope, is an enjoyable read. I’d encourage anyone to give it a go and share your story with the world. How lucky am I to do so?

And what an adventure we went on… "

Here’s to no regrets, accepting ourselves and all our flaws, and living life to the fullest.

- Lots of love, Katrina.

With you by Bike

One Couples Life-Changing Journey around the World

“From what I understood, a pilgrimage is about stepping out of oneself and seeking purity. It always involves a journey with risk. In accepting that risk, whether it’s through penance, devotion or hard travel, one can find the renewal they seek. For us–it was a bike ride.”

Katrina and Mike pedal 13,000 kilometres in thirteen months, packing the silent question: can a cycle tour mend a damaged relationship–one pedal stroke at a time? She is an adventure athlete who craves the wild; her husband watches sports with his buddies. After eleven years, it’s clear they’ve grown apart. Do they have anything in common anymore? No more than a bike length away from each other, Katrina and Mike ride through barren landscapes, scorching fires, and humid jungle. From backcountry roads in New Zealand, sharing a picnic with a man and his multiple wives in Malaysia, or camping at an orphanage in Cambodia; at every turn, they are touched by locals who feed them stories and laughter. Together they repair fifty-four flat tires, navigate heat exhaustion in Vietnam, altitude sickness in Tibet and two robberies before they face the last hard climb to the world’s tallest mountain. With You By Bike is a journey about falling back in love. With each revolution, Katrina contemplates the reality of being together forever. The story is honest and raw, describing her search for forgiveness, acceptance, and change. It’s about rediscovering choice from the seat of a bicycle, exploring the world, and finding love by veering off the beaten path.


"My legs circulated with ease and familiarity. I sat taller and settled into the rhythm, with renewed confidence on my bike. The bike, my other companion, knew my body as well as anyone, and I knew it.

I knew when I had been ignoring my bike and not giving it enough love, either with cleanliness, oiling or more air. I never fought with my bike, or was mad when it wouldn’t go faster, or if the chain skipped and would not run smooth. I just accepted my bike, loving all its faults and everything it had to offer. I shook my head, remembering how early on in our trip, I had realized I better treat my husband as well as I treated my bike.

Published by Rocky Mountain Books